Philosophy of The Bear Clinic

The Bear Clinic was created to both treat and prevent mental Illness.The idea behind the creation of this team of clinicians was to address the ‘whole person’. The patient or client is a part of the team. The Individual is initially assessed by the Psychiatrist who formulates a Comprehensive Care plan.

The Clinic realizes that our minds and our bodies are interconnected and one cannot be defined without the others influence. Integrative health can be defined as Scientifically based Western and Eastern medicine or methods to help facilitate a broader approach to one’s health. There are numerous clinicians and therapeutic modalities used by The Team. These clinicians are members of different disciplines who communicate in a coordinated manner in order to improve an individual’s overall quality of health and life.

We recognise that as human beings we live in a changing environment not only within our own community but with the world at large. We strongly respect all life on this planet as our well being depends on the well being of the planet and vice versa. Confidence and self esteem develop from caring for ourselves, others and the environment we live in. As a result a strong component of the care we provide is having one reconnect with the world around us.

We strive to enhance people’s lives through a variety of means. Depending on one’s individual needs. We use methods such as medication and psychotherapy, as well as family, couple, art, yoga, exercise, play, mindfulness,horticulture therapy and others. Most Individuals are diagnosed with a Mental Illness are seeking not only treatment but the protection required to remain well. Others may require the care necessary to prevent health problems and improve their quality of life. Our commitment is to work with the patients and clients to improve their overall health and strengthen healthy connections to others and the outside world. We welcome all referrals.

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