A Registered Dietitian can assist people with many health and wellness concerns. They are experts in providing dietary recommendations based on current scientific evidence and can help you improve your health through diet. Eating well and exercise can help improve your medical condition and overall well-being.

Dieticians can help you understand the foods you should be eating, the foods you should stay away from and how foods can impact things like your weight, mood, and energy level. They are focused on health rather than weight and can help you set realistic goals and establish heating eating habits. The end result is sustainable lifestyle changes and improved quality of life!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists provide treatment for people that are recovering or trying to maintain life and work skills. People seeking this form of assistance typically have a physical or cognitive disorder. Sessions typically focus on skill development, with the focus of the session being on the individual’s specific needs.

Occupational therapy can have a positive effective on your overall health and wellness, it helps people get back to their original state prior to an injury or event, and it can help bring structure and meaning to life of people suffering from mental and cognitive disorders.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a creative form of expression used by patients to express their thoughts and feelings. During an art therapy session, patients engaging are some form of art – such as painting or drawing, in which the therapist will then interpret what is expressed and communicated through the art.

Art therapy has been especially effective and beneficial for children, people with disabilities and for adults that have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. It provides people with a creative outlet and through self-expression, can help people come to insightful conclusions about themselves and their situation.

Horticultural Therapy

This unique and effective form of therapy uses plants, landscaping and gardening to promote health and well-being for patients. Horticulture therapy recognizes the benefits of positive interactions between people and plants. It is known to help people with physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual issues and it is used in a variety of settings including schools, health care and rehabilitation centres.

People that engage in this form of therapy are known to feel inner peace, generate positive emotions, as it takes away to focus from the stress and emotionally taxing areas of our lives, helping to improve people’s quality of life.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of therapy that can help you connect you to your truest self. Yoga is not only exercise, it is a complete philosophy for living life, and it centres on the belief that our essential nature is blissful consciousness.

Our certified yoga teacher offers individually tailored yoga sessions to help balance, stretch, and relax your body and mind. All sessions include some combination of breathing work (pranayama), meditation, and yoga postures (asana). How the session is conducted depends on each individual’s specific needs. Yoga is known to help treat countless medical conditions and can help increase flexibility, improve energy and vitality, and protect your body from injury.


Psychiatrists are mental health professionals that work with patients to help diagnose, treat, and prevent a variety of forms of mental illness. Psychiatrists work with patients to determine whether or not a mental health problem is the cause of other medical conditions that create psychotic symptoms. They can help treat people with behavioral, perceptual, cognitive and affective abnormalities.

Engaging in this form of therapy can help you overcome psychology symptoms, make a change in your life, improve your health and become yourself again, resolve personal issues and it can identify and treat previously undiagnosed issues.


Psychological therapy is a collaborative process in which you are helped to understand difficulties in your life and find solutions and ways of coping. Woking directly with your therapist, they will assess your situation, understand your issues, and formulate a method for treating your ailment.

Psychological therapy can be helpful for many emotional, psychological or psychiatric disorders. It can also be helpful in the context of self-esteem and self-confidence, difficult relationships, coping with bereavement or loss, improving communication skills, and managing anger, stress or chronic pain.


Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that occurs between a trained professional and patient. It can take place in a one on one, family or group setting and the issues addresses during sessions are psychological in nature. The goal of psychotherapy is to increase an individual’s sense of his/her own well-being.

Psychotherapy aims to create an experiential, therapeutic relationship between practitioner and the client, where we explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors for the purpose of problem-solving. At The Bear Clinic, we believe that every person has an innate capacity, and inner wisdom, for healing. Psychotherapy supports this. We offer a number of forms of psychotherapy, including communication through dialogue (talk therapy), and also ways that create an experiential awareness for the client/patient of him/herself, such as mindful meditation, therapeutic yoga, and art therapy.

Social Work

Social workers help individuals, families, and communities to enhance their overall well-being. The goal of social workers is to help these groups improve their skills and abilities and learn how to effectively solve problems and issues in their lives.

The type of treatment social workers engage in depends on the situation. People that work with social workers experience many benefits including improving the relationships in their lives, becoming better at problem solving, reducing anxiety and stress, becoming more self-aware, and improved life and overall well-being. All of these skills can be applied to family life, social settings, and in your community.


An increasing number of people are working on becoming more self-aware and are conscious about being mindful. Mindfulness helps people focus on being conscious to the internal and external experience you are having in the present moment. It is most commonly achieved through the practice of meditation and cognitive exercises.

Mindfulness is a proven technique that helps people cope with and overcome many emotional and physical issues in their lives – many of which are related to stress, anxiety, and negative experiences. It is also a very effective form of psychotherapy and can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.

Physicians / Clinicians

Health care professionals work with patients in a variety of settings and act as their primary health care provider. They work with people to diagnose and treat them for many different mental and physical health issues. Working directly with patients, clinicians develop a relationship with their patents and come to understand their personal medical history.

Seeing your physician regularly and getting an annual physical is important. Being proactive with your health will help you identify potential health issues and treat them effectively before they have a significant impact on your quality of live and overall wellbeing.

Individual/Family/Couple Therapy

A form of psychotherapy, this type of therapy works with people in close relationships and its goals is to aid in the development and change of relationships in families, marriages, and couples. Sessions typically include participation of all parties with the goal of changing the conversation, dialogue, narrative and dynamic to benefit everyone involved.

Family therapy will help strengthen your bond and relationship with family members. It can be used in times of crisis and to overcome persistent problems and help people deal with health issues, mental health issues, substance abuse, traumatic experience, and disputes.

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